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Women Rising, Volume 3
As Contributing Author, Sarah Madras Joins 17 Real Women, Real Stories, Real Courage
What Is This Book About?
Sarah Madras is a Contributing Author to the International Best Seller WOMEN RISING, Vol 3

A compilation of women’s voices, sharing their stories of heartache, loss, struggle and the beautiful lessons they learned along the way. These women have overcome the odds, have fought a great fight, have lost and loved, have come to the moment that could break them and chosen to rise stronger, walk a new path, and light their own way. You will find every story unique, powerful and full of lessons that have the potential to change your life. 
This book will renew your faith in the ability to truly rise after the fall and live when all feels lost. 
The Dalai Lama once said so eloquently, "The world will be saved by the western woman.” It is time to rise. 
Read on, and join us in speaking your truth, sharing your story and changing the world together, one voice at a time.
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • So, About That Affair
  • Maxed Out Mom Turns Millennial
  • Transforming Grief into Gratitude
  • Money Shame
  • What We Can Learn From Pie Dough
  • Find Your Magic
  • Happily Ever After Begins Within
  • The Labor of Your Second Birth
  • Don't Fit In - Stand Out
  • Creating The Perfect Storm Within
  • Redefine Normal
  • Don't Read This If You're Perfect
  • The Alchemy of Success
  • A Positive Attitude Can Create a Beautiful Life
  • Coming Home
  • True Abundance
  • When It Ends - You Begin
  • A Call To Rise
**** 5 Star Reviews From Readers Like You
 Here's What Readers Are Saying:
"Women Rising Volume IIII" is an amazing collection of stories of real women who've struggled with loss, heartache, financial and health issues and yet give us hope and inspiration to overcome any obstacles life throws our way. If you have every felt all alone and that no one else would possibly understand, this book is a must read. You will instantly connect with the authenticity of these incredible women who've are now shining bright and are happy with their lives. Plus, you'll find resources and a tribe of bad ass women that can help you or someone like you."~Susanne
"It would be hard to walk away from reading this book (a passage or in entirety) without feeling empowered. I was really surprised how many stories I could relate to -- sometimes in an obvious way, other times in a more subtle fashion. Some were things from my past where I could gain a new view point, reaffirm how happy I am with choices or simply look back to see how far I've come. Other relateable parts were from my present and again offered a new view point helping me to move and shift what needed to get loose to be able to move forward. This was written with heart and it was a joy to read.~Bethanna
"This book came into my life at just the right time. It is filled with so many stories of all different women with all different stories who each had to literally rise up. It was so interesting to see the threads of hope and determination that ran through each of the stories, despite how different they might seem on paper.
The book reminded me that no matter what I am going through, that I am not alone and that it is possible to rise."~Christina
What People Are Saying About "Women Rising" ......
"About a month ago, I noted in my journal a deep desire to connect with authentic women and hear about their real world. Not the life presented on social media, during lectures or in books, but instead moments of vulnerability and transformation. Why? Well, because of a burning question I’ve had that goes something like…‘am I alone in this shameful, self deprecating self talk that plagues my mind way too often…
do other women experience this too?’.

All stories in Women Rising Volume III speak straight to my heart. The honest accounts of how women hold space for varying experiences like vulnerability and strength, and ascribed roles and expectation while longing freedom, is both inspiring and validating. I really appreciate the diversity of women featured and the range of life experiences – because we are all different and at different stages of growth.
There is something for all women in this book.

The willingness to ‘go there’, bravely sharing their vulnerability, the mess that ensues and the steps taken towards power, light, peace and knowing is extremely powerful. Each woman eloquently describes this process in a human way that connected with my heart. With each turn of a page, the resonance and validation deepened, and a quiet voice within me
spoke; ‘you are not alone’.

As someone who is open to cultivating new practices to aid my personal growth, I found the concrete steps at the end of each chapter
a helpful added bonus!

I will recommend this book to the women in my life, not just because it's a great read but because I’m not alone in the desire to connect with real and authentic women. Women Rising Volume III provides exactly that."
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